Thursday, February 7, 2013

lee I love your matisse!

Lee's Matisse
I love Lee's (of Defining Me) Matisse.  It's so refreshing and beautiful! I have already completed the painting of the Matisse above - using the background only.  I will post it probably tomorrow.  Below is a Matisse that I have my eyes on.  I wonder what Lee would do with this one? I think we should try it!  What an adventure in art!   The artist Ann Stoker has a fascinating technique that she uses in her charcoal drawings.  You would DEFINITELY want to try it!  I think that I will try it with this Matisse.  More about that tomorrow!

ps please watch the video below!


Janet said...

Lee has such a unique style. I love her art. I'm happy to see you showing it here.

leekrek said...

Loving y0ur picture, and I am going to do the line drawing, we will see how we each interupt it. said...

Love Matisse - the colors the shapes, everything so I really enjoyed seeing the green haired lady. I know he would have loved it and thought to himself...darn it why didn't I try that!

Unknown said...

You did a wonderful job on this one. I especially like the colors and how you broke up the background space and designed it.