Friday, February 8, 2013

myra don't mangle that matisse . . .

So,  here is the matisse that I told you about in the last post.   I love the phrase that the fabulous artist Lisa Graham used 'altered matisse'.  I enjoyed using the elements of his colorful background. This painting is a little larger than what I've done lately - it's almost 9x10 inches.  It's acrylic on heavy cardboard and it's part of my works on paper series. 

Below is the work of the wonderful artist Ann Stoker.  Here is a glimpse of her technique - drawing on creased and scored paper.  As I mentioned before, I tried it with the matisse below.  IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT (for me) and takes practice!  Ann's work shows how beautiful and exciting it can be!

Speaking of exciting - I'm looking forward to Lisa Graham's show that she is currently preparing for.  Her work is beautiful and unique and always tells a story.  How wonderful of the magnificent artist and teacher Julie Ford Oliver to share her fracturing technique.  Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still see that beautiful house painting of Janettmarie . . . and then there's Jane . . . well I think I will save some for next time . . . in other words who's going to write the book about the talented women artists of the 21st century?  (Is that the century we are in?  I really don't know.)


leekrek said...

I love this one, she looks so pure, she waiting for someone, or something, and with the boat in the background amazing said...

I adore your "altered Matisse."
I think your sense of design on all your pieces is outright awesome.
Ann Stokers work is great. I did not know about her. Love the effect the creased paper creates. I work on Bark paper for the same reason.
Thanks for the lovely plug for my work and for introducing me to these other wonderful female artists ..including yourself.

hmuxo said...

Awesome painting, Myra....The colors are so vibrant...Love this one!!!

Lisa Graham said...

You have done awesome as usual Miss Myra and now I am dying to work on crinkled paper. Where can I find this link??? There's no link on your link. Where is it?

Have I told you what a great artist you are?

ann stoker - Lincoln UK said...

Myra, thankyou so much for your kind and generous comments on my work and for including it on your blog. BTW I love your latest Picasso inspired Modigliani!
Best wishes