Monday, November 5, 2018

'Yea or nay to the mighty 500!" by myra anderson...

Well...I decided to buy this here pack of 500 sheets of paper in order to practice and hopefully get better at drawing. Things can go one of two ways...'good, better, best' or oops! yikes! and 'why me lord?' We will see.  Good or bad, I intend to account for every sheet of paper!  
But wait...there's more...
I'm also working on a secondary series within this series...

Friday, October 12, 2018

'if you like it then you better put your 'm' on it! by myra anderson...

No matter the level, I think that as artists we all work hard to caterpillar ourselves into our own next and next and next beautiful butterfly. Sometimes we set a far harsher standard for ourselves than those who would consider 'that piece of work' to be beautiful.
If you are like this...knock it off! Right now! If you keep will find! Believe it!
Using all the tools in her toolbox...beautiful work from the desk of Hodaya Louis!

The most important thing is that you took everything you had at the time...and you did all you could for the moment! (insert a smile, a hug and a kiss here!) 
But wait...I think there's more...

Saturday, October 6, 2018

'to be or not to be...nobody asked me for my opinion!' by myra anderson...

A digital sketch by myra anderson
As you may already know, one of the talented 'artists of fabric' is fashion designer Marc Jacobs.  Here are photos of one of his recent collections.  From head to toe, the colors and textures are definitely a fashion illustrator's dream!

Nobody asked - but I thought I would add a little ruffle and a little lace to his complete and beautiful collection!
 If I could - my studio would look like Lilas Blano! Beautiful large paintings all over!

 But wait...there's more...

Friday, September 21, 2018

'it's musical!' by myra anderson...

This is one of the final computer drawings I told you about.  I experimented and found that you can indeed make a nice print!
I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I have been working on paintings and drawings.  Believe me...they are coming soon!

Above and below is the work of artist Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe. One thing I plan to do is to take a book and practices faces...any faces...all faces (actually just some faces). I would like to see if I put in the work will the result I want come? Well? Will it?


Friday, September 14, 2018

'saddle up!' or 'moving on!' by myra anderson...

I will return...but for now...I am taking a small vacation from drawing on the computer using the mouse.  
I do have a few more computer drawings to show you. Just for fun I think that I will try to conquer a different computer sketch program for a  future  adventure.
'ballerina' by myra anderson
This past week I have been doing some paintings and drawings. I've got to stop being so lazy and take some pictures so that I can post them!!!!! This ballerina drawing is a blast from my sketchbook past!
This is someone named Kris? work desk.  Doesn't it make you want to get back to work?

ahh... life...for now, it certainly has it's trials and troubles...but like the shrimp said yesterday...let's not be paranoid about let's just be shrimp!  (Don't worry...doesn't make sense to me either!)

Monday, September 10, 2018

'red town' or 'blueberry city' by myra anderson...

Did I say that I would use imagination? Or did you just imagine that? (see last post) I think that this is okay for a first effort!  This is certainly not imagination run wild lol!.  However I do think it is mission forward...a fashionable a little red town! Where is she headed? What's the story? I dunno!!!
I also 'painted' a fashionable lady in a blue town! And now I'm ready to leave town for a little while!
And so we'll say goodbye to David FeBland for now with another painting entitled 'hip line'! This is a clue to where I am hoping to go next! Perhaps with watercolor lines?

Friday, September 7, 2018

'simply - red' by myra anderson...

It's a joy to be able to produce art that one might consider to be simple and refreshing like a strawberry sorbet on a hot summer's day!  Sometimes...however you may wish that you could produce art like the mighty pomegranate - sweet, red and containing many seeds. 
David FeBland Artist
How can one produce more complex art? One artist said that one thing you must have is 'an imagination'.  So, I tried to use mine.  My next post will show if I passed or failed.  This work of art by David FeBland is delicate and complex at the same time! Perhaps I can do delicate lol!
I have never eaten a pomegranate! I want this dessert but how do you manage those seeds? Uh?