Saturday, August 10, 2019

'take down the up the house!' by myra anderson...

As you know, I occasionally ponder the question 'how can I get my artwork up to the next level?'  I usually try to draw as carefully as I know the ballerina in pink.  
Sometimes Office Depot has notebooks for ten cents apiece.  This is an especially great time to take a super large marker and explore your  subject matter with no regard for accuracy.   
If you make a drawing you like - you can copy it - or you can make copies of it in order to practice various methods of adding color.  And what about this paint! lol!  Didn't I just talk up a storm about  buying materials?  I'm practicing 'big marker drawing and painting' on all types of paper and these work just fine!
I saw this photo on-line of an adult social group that got together to paint a degas.
Why wait until you have the skill level to create a  work of art.  Why wait until you can paint a Degas in order to paint a Degas?  Just do it!   Create something the best way you can just because you think it's beautiful!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

'flowers for you' by myra anderson...

Painting by Tom Croft
Above is another single color painting I was working on before I had to move all of my stuff.  If I want to add anymore paint I just have to remember where I put my watercolors lol! 
Again this past week I pondered 'how can I get my artwork up to the next level?'  My philosophy for  beginning artists is...
1. draw an apple
2. you may think the apple looks terrible
3. draw another apple!
In other words don't give up, practice, practice, practice, try, try again (sometimes there's nothing more charming than a 'terrible' drawing).  As you can see from the photo above, many artists have at one time or another used a grid in order to produce an accurate drawing. 

Hey kids!  Because of modern technology you can of course buy a canvas (or paper) with the grid lines already on it (I would like to try one soon).  You can also upload a grid to your tablet. Below is just one of the grid programs for placing a grid over your reference photo that I saw online.

You may or you may not like gridding.  For me, simple compositions are super fun! For complex compositions I think it takes practice and may at times seem like a lot of work (at least for this gal)If you are a patient person you may see it much like working a puzzle.  Some artists paint the grid marks and leave some of the markings as an abstract part of the painting.
I used a different grid for this one

You don't have to get hung up on being may just want to use a grid as a general guide.  Also a grid can be a way to help you to examine the complexities of your picture.  Many enjoy the freedom of just drawing.  But if you want to experiment and use a grid on a limited basis it can help you to train your hand and eye to draw.
rufus chalmers
Last week I showed you that cute photo of somebody's pastels.  Above are the pastel works of Rufus Chalmers.  When I look at his works I hear jazz...and that's cool!  You cool cats!

Friday, July 26, 2019

'the door was closed...the window was how did the cricket get in the house?' by myra anderson...


Somebody's pastels
I really did enjoy painting on paper with the water mixable oils (see last week) but I got even more satisfaction when I painted on canvas primed with acrylic (I want to try watercolor paper next).
I loved the creaminess of the paint so much that I could see why a person would stick to that one paint (see last post).  But I will indeed try a different brand soon.  Also, I want to see how the painting looks when it is dry before I post it.
picture from my sketchbook

Hi Helen! I took ballet classes years ago because I loved the beauty of ballerinas gliding and leaping across the room. Right now, drawing the ballet is one of the 'inner rooms of my happy place' (good for my mind lol!) 

I was wondering how I could expand from drawing one figure (above) to two figures on a larger canvas.  I thought that I would use the notebook method above to help me imagine the size and composition. I have also been working on some interior sketches somewhat like this older sketch from one of my sketchbooks. But does the photo above tell you where we are going next?

I love this painting by Luis Morris  from portrait artist of the year because it portrays the other side of the 'ballerina's story'.  The beautiful ballerina was resting her mind and her weary feet as she listened to the music being featured in her new ballet performance. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

'pizza for breakfast, cake for lunch, and salad for dinner' by myra anderson...

Practice on paper!
Practice in an old book!
I mentioned in my last post that I was going to try the water mixable oil paint and here it is!  I got the Daler Rowney Georgian starter set.  I can't comment yet on whether or not I like to paint with water mixable oil.  So far I have only painted on paper.  But I did love the experience of painting both of these ballerinas. The only thing I was disappointed with was my decision to get the six rather than the 10 different colors.
Practice, practice, practice!
There was a time when I believed that cheap paints were good to use for practicing or experimentation but I no longer feel that way.  As many, many artists have said now and in the past, I think that you should get the best paint your money can buy because a little may go a longer way! (Not to say that I would never ever buy the cheapest brand of anything ever again either lol!)  I also think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a well researched cheaper paint! So there you have it lol!!!!
$18.00 set I would probably try!

With that being said, I also like what the artist said about water mixable oil below - that you should not stick to a single brand just because it was the first one you bought and because you like it.  You should experiment with different brands.  So I am going to try at least one tube of various brands for comparison.

I think that you can apply the advice above to any type of art supply you may want to try. Wow! I love it when you say that there is a range of 70 colors (see below)! Who don't need 70 colors but wants 70 colors? This gal!!!!!
Here is a beautiful painting by the artist Dorothy Lorenz using water mixable oil paint.  Above I have linked to two articles about water mixable oils and I hope they work! (smiles!)

Friday, July 12, 2019

'up, up in the air' by myra anderson...

self portrait by Kimberly Klauss
At first it seemed a little strange that after a month everything in (and hopefully outside of) the apartment had finally been resolved (fixed?) since the violent storms.  Now I need to work on putting my little studio space back together again.  Above is a little something I was working on with the ipad.  I just might finish it one day!  Also, I started watching the British television series 'portrait artist of the year' on youtube.  The competition includes amateur as well as professional artists.  It was interesting to see that each artist has their own unique approach to painting a portrait. The entry to the competition is a self portrait.  This one was by the artist Kimberly Klauss.

I was reminded of the art of 'drawing with a brush' and I am really thinking about getting some water mixable oil paints just for practicing drawing, drawing and drawing.  I have a stack of  computer books that I want to use for practice.  (I will buy some paint as soon as I get that 40 or 50 percent off coupon from Michaels! lol!)

Steve Childs mind had been telling me that it's time to visit 'the fashion side of me'.  Then I saw this beautiful ballerina painting by Steve Childs.  So intricate! What to do...what to do?

Friday, July 5, 2019

'myra are you adding to the art of the dance?' by myra anderson...

Well...this past week I feel that I could have done a better job in representing the 'art of the dance' lol! It's been a slow go on the apartment renovation since the storms (should be finished Monday) and I have not had access to all of my art supplies.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  I'm still having fun with the ipad tho. With that being said, the photo on the side represents me!  But seriously I like this photo because she will certainly become a great artist if she keeps on drawing! The sketch below shows that it is not  totally necessary to 'fix' or finish a sketch.  I can just stop whenever I want!
When it comes to 'painting the dance' the artist Allen Bentley adds to the beauty of the genre.  He has created so many beautiful and dynamic paintings that it was difficult to choose just one.

Friday, June 28, 2019

'padding it with blue!' by myra anderson...

Ballerina practice on the ipad by Myra Anderson
Practice Sketch
Hello and I hope that everyone is doing well! You know, there are so many wonderful artists of the ballet as well as so many beautiful and inspiring works of the ballet.  With that being said, I am still working on my single color idea this week.
Also, I was thinking of a time where it's possible I might paint a ballerina on a large canvas. So I thought that I would do some practice sketches in my sketchbook and some 'ipadding' on my ipad.  I thought that I would practice colors and textures and even some finger painting on the ipad before any brush hits any canvas (or watercolor pad). 
Below is the work of artist Pavel Filin.  What delicate beauty in the touches of blue!
Pavel Filin

Speaking of blue (blue green?) I don't know what he is doing in the studio of the lovely Izumi Kogahara but what's going on in there sure looks exciting! (I later found out and it was awesome!)
If you know me...and I think you know that I love studio pics! What I didn't know was that they made paint in bottles like this! I want!!!!!! This is what she was working on and he was setting things up for a video! Happy PPF!