Friday, June 5, 2020

'ballerina! cake! degas!' by myra anderson...

Above is me 'focusing on my own art' lol! You me being an artist is like making a cake - you blend a combination of ingredients together - and then you add fire - in order to create something beautiful and delicious!
One of my personal ingredients is to admire and examine the artwork of others including the masters. 
Degas has nearly 2000 drawings and paintings of the ballet! (I also love to 'treasure hunt' the beautiful ballerinas of Degas!  Even now - after years of surfing the web - I have found works of Degas that I have never seen before.)
As a self-taught artist  I have come a long way from my initial ballerina scratches!  Why would I dare to copy Degas?  Well, it's thrilling to see if I could duplicate 'a ballerina of Degas!?!' It's thrilling to see if I could walk in the same footsteps of the great ballet master!

Above is the beautiful work of (1)Linda Apple and  (2) Karin Jurick.   Below is the artist Gillian Collins seen here at The National Gallery of Art. My final ingredient for today is that I would love to develop the technical ability to accurately translate what I see onto the canvas.  Just like Gillian I would love to be able to train my hand to draw exactly what I see!
Gillian Collins

I hope that everyone is well.
It's a blessing to be able to talk about art 
for a few minutes each day! 


Christine said...

Beautiful work Myra! Thanks for introducing us to these talented artists also. Of course I know your hero Degas.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

*wow* these are beautiful painted works by you and also by this artist!
Have a beautiful Weekend, Elke

DVArtist said...

Ohhh your art is so moving. The gallery is beautiful with ballerina art.

leekrek said...

Great post don’t give up your ballerinas are beautiful