Friday, June 12, 2020

'painting the numbers' by myra anderson...

ballerina painting by myra anderson

perhaps you may love working on complex works of art
'Paint by number' may also be a perfect way for you to re-imagine your previous artwork!  So that you can see the process a little better, I chose a ballerina sketch with a limited color palette.  The top painting shows the completed painting and below you can see the 'original' color palette.

Here the painting is turned into an outline. You can color the sheet with pens, pencils, or markers.  Or you can print the sheet (with or without the numbers) on canvas paper for HP Printers - and paint.
You can also print the sheet and transfer it to the canvas using 'mod podge' or homemade 'mod podge' (made with a combination of glue plus water).
mix your paint to match the colors on the side!

Above is a ballerina where I combined the color sheet and the color palette in a photoshop program.  You can use little dabs of paint to match the colors you see on the side. If you are going to transfer your photo to a canvas don't forget to reverse the image before printing. 
Here (click) is a link to another method showing 'how to color by number' with a tutorial, a video, photos, a template to this free painting of a flower and artist Lindsay Ponta.

I mentioned being 'super crafty'! Yikes!!! I've printed my sheet but I have yet to apply it to a canvas and paint it!  I would like to say that I will show you a completed painting soon...

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Christine said...

lovely art, thanks for sharing!