Monday, September 3, 2018

'yikes!' by myra anderson...

Yes. 'Yikes!' was my first thought after completing this drawing. Whatever the issues may be - I don't even want to consider them right now! I will think about them later.  However I still LOVE this drawing.  It represents the fact that I was looking for 'a little artistic adventure' - but - I still gots a littles ways to go!!!
I also hope to get back to my watercolor sketches like the one above. Hey! Where's that blue brush you see right there! I have to go and look for it!
 What a beautiful drawing by 'thesevyanthouse_illustrations' (as listed on instragram).  Reminds me of the mission and makes me want to get back to work!!

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martinealison said...


Je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver et d'admirer vos oeuvres...

Gros bisous 🌸