Saturday, June 7, 2014

'these are not my PINK socks' or 'hulking feet - this painting seemed like a good idea at the time' by myra anderson painter of the ballerina sketch . . .

I'm not gonna lie . . . I've been a little bummed out lately because of my hand hurting.  Also, it's no fun having insomnia night after night after night.  
Of great encouragement is this particular artist who unfortunately had an overwhelming accident.  Wheelchair bound she does beautiful, beautiful work holding her paintbrush in her mouth.  She is truly an inspiration. 
Despite my plethora of troubles last night took the cake.  This lack of sleep has wreaked havoc on my mind.
Last night (or really early this morning) I dreamed that I painted a portrait of Justin Bieber!!!!  First of all what is a Justin Bieber?  Why it's some little kid!!!!  I never listen when anyone talks about Justin Bieber because that would be the same thing as me being best friends with a two-year old (just a comparison)!  It just ain't gonna happen!! (I don't think my parents would allow me to have a best friend that's two years old!)
Anyway in this dream I had some portraits hanging on the wall and someone said 'Oh I see that you painted Justin Bieber'.  I said 'what?!'  I look at the portrait and it looked really good - it looked just like Justin Bieber - I definitely can't paint like that in 'real life'.  After that I woke up and drank about 15 cups of coffee - I sure hope that I can sleep tonight - meanwhile I'll try to paint today - although I'm still shaking from that Justin Bieber thing . . .


Lisa Graham said...

You might want to cut that coffee down to 7.5.

I hope your hand gets better soon. Sending you a feel better hug.

I love your painting...and the hulk shoes. :)

Katie Jeanne said...

I have been having very strange dreams lately, too. Some of them leave me cringing for days. Ack. I'm still trying to shake one from 3 nights ago. I think we're living a parallel life, Myra. I've become 95% left handed. I sent the new mouse flying back to Amazon..I have ditched the idea of getting a wireless mouse. They allll stink. I've ordered a new wired's ambidextrous, so I can switch off. If it helps, I'll let you know. It better make me was almost $70!

I replied to your FB message via email. Hope you got it.