Wednesday, June 18, 2014

painting practice 'high heel ballerina degas' by myra anderson painter of the ballerina sketch . . .

Part 2
Well, I know that you already know this but since the question has come up - let me briefly tell you how a grown person may accidentally call 911.

First of all - the grown person must work at a job where you 'have to dial 9' in order to get an outside line.  That person must then forget that he is not at work and dial 9 at home on a Sunday!

Next - in order to make a long distance call the person might then dial a '1' and then accidentally dial another '1' (and some other 'it's too late you done already called 911 numbers'). 

The emergency response team on the other end never said 'this is 911'.  They just said 'hello'.  Harvey - sensing at this point that 'this was not his mother' said 'this is the Anderson residence'.  The person on the other end said 'Okay' - then hung up the phone and sent the swat team.  And I must say that they were here in about 5 minutes. 

Although it was all a big mistake - it's good to know that if there were an actual emergency - the response was quick and decisive.  Well alright!!!


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Katie Jeanne said...

Oh, that Harvey! :) Some day you should tell us the story of why you paint ballerinas every day.

Lisa Graham said...

Oh my goodness Myra...that's a funny story!

And your dancer here...wearing her different shoes...ballet shoes and high heels...hmmm. Is this dancer the same person that accidentally dialed 911?