Friday, August 10, 2012

school daze #? - me and lisa seeing eye to eye . . .

I must tell you the truth.  I feel 50/50 about this drawing.  I was going for a likeness but suddenly I thought that it would be fun to give her some bigger eyes.  I was wrong.  It took a long time to make these eyes look right.  I think I was influenced by this wonderful painting by Christy Dekoning.  I totally wish that I had painted that!
Christy Dekoning
Chicken, chicken, chicken . . . in my last post I told you about the chicken I fixed for Tiny's dinner.  Before I roasted the chicken it  marinated overnight in various flavorful seasonings - - so the second day left-overs tasted even more delicious.  But after two days - please NO MORE CHICKEN!
my focus is the panko shrimp
This is the dinner Harvey and I usually have from Golden Corral (minus the salad - remember I can not tell a lie) on a Friday night!  And Tiny - he can have the rest of the chicken!
this is NOT tiny


Lisa Graham said...

Her eyes are large, but they work because they go with her tutu. :)

So if that's not Tiny...who is that?

hmuxo said...

Great post and love your sketch, Myra.