Sunday, February 15, 2015

pencil practice 'the yellow dress' by myra anderson painter of the fashion sketch . . .

Dear Clare; 
Here is the sketch I alluded to in the last post. Did you notice my big word 'alluded?' Haha! Anyway. . .I did this sketch to illustrate the heart happy combination of red and yellow together.

Also I told you about the food battle right? It's simple. . .just take some (narky?)food and try to elevate it to the next level. In the video below I was trying to elevate some canned ravioli to the next level. I took the ravioli out of the can. . .seasoned and sauted the ravioli and then I . . .wait!  I'll tell you the rest later!!!

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Connie Chadwell said...

Beautiful combination of colors and the texture at the bottom is so interesting!