Saturday, August 24, 2013

pirouette . . .

Here's another blast from the myra ballerina past!
You know - one thing about moving is that you do have the excitement of setting up a new studio.  I think that I would like to be like Connie Chadwell and name my studio!  Her's has such a catchy title!

Lisa's answer to my interview question was a single word and yet so enlightening!  When I asked her what her goal was for her art she said 'joy' - to find joy in her work and indeed that's what you find in her paintings.   
Lisa Graham

And you know, that's what I find in everyone's art side-linked here . . . joy!  When you look at this photo of Peggy Kroll Robert's studio - does it not look like a joyful place to be?  

Also . . . that clever Lee of defining me is cooking up some new things over there in her studio!  Ms Katie has pulled out her versatility gloves and painted a city scene to add to her figurative portfolio.  Helen makes me want to paint flowers!  Julie Ford Oliver's paintings make you feel the warmth of the sun as she paints her colorful market scenes!  Sharon Wright shows that she is unafraid to paint the aging beauty!  Congrats on your commission Barbara!

You see!  Such joy!  The only thing that I would add is that I do wish all bathrooms had a bidet!  Good day!!


Lisa Graham said...

You make me smile Myra. Loved the links and loved that I already knew some of them...familiar friends.

Hope you are having a good weekend! said...

I NEVER tire of your style, you could paint a million ballerina's and I would love them all! and I adore lisa's work as well! you both are ORIGINALS and delight the senses! ox

Page Pearson Railsback said...

I love the ballerinas too as well as your style..Keep it coming