Friday, January 18, 2013

janettmarie, lee, anne bagby and me . . .

Well, I can't post any artwork from my regular computer today because my monitor went kaput!  But there are some exciting things I can talk about!

Some time ago the artist Janettmarie talked about doing artwork in books or 'the altered book'.

Starting next week Lee (of defining me) will be working on collages so it will be exciting to see what she does.  There are also some links to painting and designing your own papers that are very interesting.  I tried this with newspaper and was quite pleased with the results.

With this in mind I finally started an altered book project.  The book that I have chosen is 4 x 4 inches - the perfect size for practising 'guilt-free' portraits.

I would like to combine text, texture and other images to my portraits - along with personally designed papers.  I would like to buy a small (but thick) book on Degas for an altered book project (or maybe van gogh or cezanne) that I saw in a used book store.  Lisa Graham once suggested that I combine my ballerinas with Degas' artwork.  Can't wait to try that too!  (more info and references to come . . .)


jgr said...

Hello Myra,
I hope you have a blast working on your 4x4 book, Anne Bagby is one of my favorites.

lee said...

cant wait to see that altered book, glad you liked the link, I thought it looked like fun to try

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to seeing your altered book. I know it will be great. I love your idea of combining your ballerina images with a Degas book. Someday I want to do life drawings in an old book I bought at our library book sale called "Hygiene in Marriage". Guess what Hygiene is?

JanettMarie said...

Oh, oh, Myra, that looks like fun.
Do need me to send a book to you? Most of them are bigger than 4"x4" though.
Anne Bagby, hmm, I think I need to try that. said...

This sounds a very creative project. I love Ann Bagby's work for a long time now and have enjoyed seeing the changes in her work.
barbie has such a negative connotation for me but I bet you bring it up to where I love her.