Sunday, July 1, 2012

diamond and elegant bow . . .

'girl and an elegant bow' by myra anderson
'Time won't stop the dancer' by Lisa Graham

'red chair in a blue room' by myra anderson
Yes I'm on a 'chair-cation' but am I also on a 'bow-cation'?  In this sketch I wanted to accomplish two things . . . a.  I wanted to draw from the chin down and two I wanted to see if I could make the top part of the dress look a little like satin (too lazy to do the whole dress at this time).  Done and done.  Speaking of chairs I am currently working on 'another blue chair in a green room'.  I have been thinking about a philosophical viewpoint for 'a blue chair in a green room'.  Maybe Lisa can help me.  Look at her fabulous chair and the wonderful artistic viewpoint in this beautiful collage work.  And just so you know - somewhere inside of me there is also a red chair - in a blue room.


Lisa Graham said...

Loving your work Myra. It's got fun all over it. The shoe on the chair is an excellent idea. As for your green room with blue chair...or was it the other way around? you like to paint flowers? Flowers are philosophical.

Robin Rosenthal said...

Beautiful drawing and dress.