Saturday, June 30, 2012

a new and very complex chair painting by myra anderson 'a delicate approach to pink' . . .

'a delicate approach to pink' by myra anderson
As you know - I'm working on my summer program of painting chairs - my 'chair-cation'.  This is a watercolor practice.  I used a very careful application of paint.  I wanted to use very little color overall - so that this very difficult and complex chair would stand out. The original painting shows the bottom of the dress but at the moment it's driving me crazy! I'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.  (ps also driving me crazy is the fact that I would like to leave comments on some of my favorite blogs but I can't read those blurry numbers!  Sometimes by comments come back to me as failed.  I may have to just mention your name here.)

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Lisa Graham said...

She looks like she is dressed for an evening out and most fancy dinner and dance party ever.

I wish everyone would turn off the word verification. Some of the blurry numbers are not numbers at all. I have left it blank when I can't read it and my comment goes through. See if that works for you.