Friday, September 20, 2019

'cover with canvas, build a bridge' by myra anderson...

Photo found on google-no credit
Ahhh...I have been working on a few canvases including a new 'lady and red' canvas.  Thankfully they are coming along quite well!  You know...these days if you want to teach yourself something new you still have access to reasonably priced materials or you can practice on your ipad (see photo).  If you don't want your 'practice knowledge' to 'eat up your more expensive canvas' you can make your own canvas panels.

It took my aging brain a few minutes to digest information from several sources but it was simple and fun once I figured it out.  Sometimes we may come across really nice pieces of cardboard and the artist side of our brain always thinks that 'there is a good use for this'.  Like when you come to the end of a watercolor pad for example...oh what a nice piece of cardboard! You are halfway there with glue, a pad of canvas sheets and a coupon for whatever you need from Michaels.  In my excitement I rushed the first one (top) but now that I have calmed down I will exercise more care lol!
Below is the beautifully complex work of Jean Louis Marcel Cosson! Many of his works include ballerinas AND beautiful architecture!
How do I build a bridge to this level?


Bestdayblogger said...

Really beautiful work. I absolutely love your art. I love the ballerina and her beautiful bright dress and position. She's lovely and looks like a flower. The iPad drawing is incredible! I Love it. Have a beautiful weekend. Happy Paint Party Friday.

Sue (this n that) said...

Hello Myra,
Loving the post of your ballerina this week, you've painted her in a most beautiful way. I enjoy your style very much.
Great thoughts about covering with canvas, your example looks very neat.
Your pot of flowers on your ipad is lovely.
Happy PPF :D) and thanks for sharing your thoughts and art xx

JFM said...

Absolutely stunningly beautiful art!!!
Happy PPF 💮

Christine said...

Your work is beautiful

Beth Niquette said...

Once again, your beautiful painting just blows my mind. Stunning!

Helen H Trachy said...

WoW, beautiful! Like a big flower opening up. 👍👋👏🌺

Lyn Bernatovich said...

You successfully and beautifully built your own bridge! xoxo