Friday, September 14, 2018

'saddle up!' or 'moving on!' by myra anderson...

I will return...but for now...I am taking a small vacation from drawing on the computer using the mouse.  
I do have a few more computer drawings to show you. Just for fun I think that I will try to conquer a different computer sketch program for a  future  adventure.
'ballerina' by myra anderson
This past week I have been doing some paintings and drawings. I've got to stop being so lazy and take some pictures so that I can post them!!!!! This ballerina drawing is a blast from my sketchbook past!
This is someone named Kris? work desk.  Doesn't it make you want to get back to work?

ahh... life...for now, it certainly has it's trials and troubles...but like the shrimp said yesterday...let's not be paranoid about let's just be shrimp!  (Don't worry...doesn't make sense to me either!)


Helen H Trachy said...

Lol, love your post Myra, your humor and everything you do! Have a great weekend!

JFM said...

Saddle Up is that shoe!
The Ballerina is lovely!!!
Happy PPF 🎨

Clare Lloyd said...

Love your painting

DVArtist said...

I just love your art and am amazed you create it on a computer. Just create, is the best thing ever. said...

Great arts and yummy shrimp!