Sunday, August 30, 2015

'MY pencil draw-ma' by myra anderson painter of the fashion sketch . . .

wow oh wow!  I was pretty busy this week and  had no time to paint.  The only thing I could do was to practice a pencil drawing or two.  Ahhh! Liepke!  I may need a few more years to catch up with you so ...don't stop looking over your shoulder!

All of the artists I have followed here over the years are very talented.  And if you study their work - you would see that overtime everyone has raised their level of genius! 

There is another artist that I admire in the figurative arena...Janet Hill.  I thought I was closing in on her like a cute little mouse who thought she had the cheese - but OH SNAP!!!!  Please...don't take ANYONE for granted.  They just keep getting better and better...
'majorette' by janet hill

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