Monday, July 21, 2014

'I got da blues by pencil painter myra anderson the cranky but marvelous M - can you hear the M-usic?' . . .

Contrary to the last post
this is a song NOT based on a true story . . .

Why I Got The Blues
by Myra Anderson 'The M'

my man done left me
da da da da dum
it was not on a whim
 da da da da dum
the only thing I'm mad at
 da da da da dum
is that he didn't take the dog with him -
 da da da da dum

I got to pick up his poop
 da da da da dum
I got to kill all his fleas
 da da da da dum
I got to cook him spagetti
da da da da dum
I got to wash out his leash
 da da da da dum

when my man comes home
 da da da da dum
here's what I'm gonna do -
I'm gonna say -
'next time you leave
you better take that dog with you!'

2 comments: said...

Lots I am missing out on here. If I am reading right, Mr Wonderful was let go... but you were okay with it...and then you were not? Cranky but still fab.
Sending a big hug for everything going on but I ask...
Please help inform this confused mind and let me know if there is anything I can do.

Katie Jeanne said...

Happy to see you're taking the news so well, Myra. Still, it stinks..the way it went down, and all, but I'd say he's better off without a job like that. He'll find something better, I hope. xo