Saturday, July 19, 2014

'I got da blues' by pencil painter myra anderson the cranky but still fabulous 'm' . . .

I'm "as mad as a gator at KFC"
they done shook my man loose
from the money tree -
boss took him to lunch -
didn't say what it was about -
then said 'today is your last day -
you been escorted out'
a free 2 piece and a biscuit?
that should have been good news!
next time order the bucket -
'cause you may be singing da blues . . . 

After a few comments let me add that this is a true story
 - but I'm still LOL!!!!!!!!!!


Faye said...

Love it, especially the blue stilettos.

Katie Jeanne said...

I hope this isn't a true story. Gulp!

Giggles said...

Fabulous piece and I too love the stilettos...sadly I hope those words aren't the case. If they are, so sorry for the unfortunate situation!!

Hugs Giggles

lorik said...

I like the strong expressive line..and yes, I love the shoes too:)

DVArtist said...

Love the painting and the blue shows are striking. I am so sorry about your husband's job.

pauline said...

a TRUE story? Seriously?! OMG...
great drawing & especially the blue shoes. xx