Monday, June 9, 2014

'black fan and am I blue - squared' and just one more thing by myra anderson painter of the ballerina sketch . . .

I said that the last post was 'it' about 'you know who' but a couple of comments have made it necessary for me to make one last statement.  All I was saying in the last two posts is that Justin Bieber is some little kid and I dreamed that I painted his portrait. Period.  The end.  Oh!  I also said that the reason I dreamed about Justin Bieber was because I ate some weird chicken.  Period.  The end.  There was absolutely nothing else involved in this dream.  Period. The end.  Oh!  I joked that I asked my parents if I could be best friends with Justin Bieber and they said 'ask your Grandpa'.  I asked my Grandpa and he said 'no'.  Period.  The end.  This just in - Justin Bieber contacted me to say that he was having nightmares about some old lady who was now his best friend.  That's all it was - a nightmare - period. The end.

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