Tuesday, August 20, 2013

remember me? i'm over here!

Lisa Graham - your comment on my last post was soooooo funny!  You really gave us a nice laugh!  This is a painting from a while ago.  You might remember when I was working on this series - floral watercolor ballet.  

Due to different problems I actually haven't been able to unpack my stuff!  I have been keeping inspired by looking at everyone's blog and sketching in my notebook.  When I do something worthy of posting I will show you!  Everyone is doing such great art! Keep up the good work!  You are the gasoline in my car of love!

Miz Kate - I love your paintings!  I especially love your figurative paintings with birds.   My question is - how do you determine your subject matter - who and what you will paint?


RachelParker said...

Fun colors! And is that collage I see too! Love it!

Lisa Graham said...

I remember her...such a lovely thing she is. I hope all your problems go away. Like by tomorrowish.

hmuxo said...

How did I miss this one?! LOVE this one also...