Thursday, August 23, 2012

a new and very difficult hat painting by myra anderson - artist and co-author of the book 'someone call mama 'cause you won't believe who's collaging now' . . . city girl

City Girl -
little time for frills -
she's working hard -
and paying bills -
she's doing a little something
trying to 'give back' -
she's living life -
and juggling hats . . .


Helen H Trachy said...

Wow! You're bursting with a new kind of energy an I love it. Is that bag a collage or paint? Whatever, I'm crazy about it.

myra anderson said...

Thank you Helen. That's a collage bag. After years of struggling I am finally getting the hang of watercolor. You wouldn't think it would be that hard - but for me it wasn't that easy! Now I feel like I'm finally starting to 'get it'.

Lisa Graham said...

Now this city girl rocks!