Wednesday, October 5, 2011

an apple for janettmarie and a postcard from cezanne

I have to admit that the engineer turned modern, expressive, impressionist artist Janettmarie has me painting apples.  I think I've done a few nice ones that I will post.  At least this one is not a round ball!  What's next?  Bonnie will have me painting flowers, Dreama will have me painting cats, Mary Sheehan Winn will have me painting cute cozy cottages and on and on and on . . .I did manage to do a few figurative works in acrylic - and I even painted a ballerina!  Will post next.
I now live in the hot town of Texas.  I miss the Art Institute of Chicago.  That's where I first saw Cezanne (not this one).  It was years ago but his apple painting was so vibrant and alive that I can still see it in my mind. . . and there's a lot of stuff floating around in there!

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Diana Marshall said...

Very Cezannish! Love it, love the vibrant colours, the composition and the black showing through.