Tuesday, August 28, 2018

'what we CAN do - what we CAN'T do' by myra anderson...

Art is like a large pie...it's sweet and delicious - and it's divided into many sections. Perhaps two of the sections are 'what we CAN do' and 'what we CAN'T do'. Both sections are sweet and delicious.  There is of course happiness in what we CAN do and there just might be 'adventurous frustration' with what we CAN'T do! But - have no fear - we WILL achieve it in the future!  What are the tools? The tools are practice and 'never give-up-er-ish-ness'! Lol!
I could do a little bit more work on the top drawing - and maybe one day I will! In my second drawing - I'm using those tools!!!
Below is the artist Kris Keys in her studio.  Makes you want to get to work!
Kris Keys in her studio
 So...what do I want to achieve? And how will I achieve it? Who will we meet along the way...

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