Monday, September 1, 2014

''W"oe is the "M" turned up side down - time to bring this fashion plate back around' by myra anderson the "M" . . .

I was away from the blog for just a little while because I had a wee bit of a situation in the month of August.  As you know,  Harvey was laid off from his job.  Then, the little money that we had was 'suddenly taken' and for the first time in decades of time I had absolutely no money to pay next month's rent.  As in zero, zippo, nada!!!!

I also had no money to buy any food - and for the first time in my life - I had to go to the food pantry.  Thank goodness for the food pantry!  However - at the food pantry - they gave me a BIG box of  jelly and boston creme donuts, some cookies, some candy, a rhubarb pie, some more donuts - powdered and cinnamon,  two large lemon cake slices and about 75 radishes. (They just bag it up in the back and give it to you.)

Don't get me wrong - they also gave me some canned goods and some other wonderful things!  But now - in this particular month of August - not only can I not pay my rent  - but now I'm FAT and can't pay my rent.

It's also 100+ degrees in Texas so I'm hot, I'm fat and I can't pay my rent.

The stress from all of this sugar and heat has stimulated my hormones so now I'm hot, I'm fat, I'm hairy and I can't pay my rent.

The artist Lisa Graham said something very interesting - she said  'slap that sugar off your face because storms come and go'.   Well, she said 'storms come and go'.  And I'm starting to see that already.  The fabulous artist Julie Ford Oliver is sharing her paint with me!  She knows that I need to replace all of that sugar from the donuts with the sweetness of painting!  And the wonderful artist Katherine Jeanne Wood has provided me with new resources where artists sell their work!

I'm confident that September will reward us with jobs sown from the seeds of searching in August.  (Or unemployment will finally kick in.) And tomorrow I'll start that diet!  It's time to turn the M around!!!!!


hmuxo said...

OHMYGosh, Myra!!! If I'm ever depressed I would visit your blog...I don't mean to laugh but you really need to work as a comedienne. I LOST IT WITH THE "HORMONES"
Love your painting...that touch of color is outstanding! Hope all is well!!!

lee said...

I know that good things will come your way this month

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Le mois d'août est terminé, les vacances également... En ce qui me concerne, il est temps de reprendre mes habitudes... Je suis heureuse de vous retrouver et d'ouvrir à nouveau la porte de votre univers et d'y découvrir de nouveaux trésors. Très joli billet !

Gros bisous ♡

Helen H Trachy said...

Good luck with everything Myra! I'm still waiting for my there one for me somewhere? I saw one on ETSY but it says it's only for the US. :(