Thursday, March 28, 2013

not one, not two, but three . . .

So, I'm rooting around in the weathered old rust bucket (my brain) for my 'spring concentration' where for - oh I don't know - a month - I concentrate - on a particular subject or theme or whatever - in order to improve in that area.  In the drawing above I thought about doing a mixture of charcoal and watercolor paintings. 
Before I contemplated the mixture I thought that I would just practice charcoal scenes.  This is the first time I think I have drawn birds.  Why are they hovering?  Are they friendly birds?  I don't know.  When I was looking at birds I saw this one by the 'Great Artist'.  I thought that this bird is just sooooo cute! 
The Great Artist
Finally, I thought about doing drawings of the Great Masters.  This is my version of Rembrandt where I placed a flower in her hair as you can see (and that weird looking couch).  I'm not totally happy with mine.  I would like to really capture his drawing. 


One way that I think that I can do this is by tracing the drawing on the screen and then immediately drawing it myself on the paper.  Not an exact copy - but my own version with a better understanding of  his drawing.


wanda miller said...

i adore what you have captured in the very first painting! every bit!

JanettMarie said...

My goodness Myra, you have been busy.
I think your version of the sleeping girl on the sofa arm looks happier than Rembrandt's.
And the charcoal/watercolor combination... cool!

Lisa Graham said...

Some lovely drawing here Myra...the first one is so sweet. There is something about art with animals or birds that I am just loving right now. You draw so well. I just love your drawings. The edge of the couch reminds me of patterns in some Klimt pieces.

I need to go now. My dog is chewing on a tuna can. That can't be very good for him.

leekre said...

I need your energy and talent, I think your idea sounds good, love the drawings, anything you do will be great

Barbara Roth said...

You are amazing, working so regularly at improving your skills. I love all the different things you think up to add to your ladies, like bows and flowers and what not.

Connie said...

Beautiful and imaginative!