Sunday, January 27, 2013

'this is NOT' toxin shock - the lady in red' by myra anderson - a starving artist painting in a book . . .

Wanda in answer to your question about the last post - yes I had fun playing with the painting in photoshop. I hope that everyone enjoys this presentation. I wanted to create some different types of graphic images for my 'slide presentations' You will see about four images that I made from one painting using photoshop. Any program that lets you 'twist', 'wave' or 'pinch' your image will do. (I will post the painting tomorrow).

Don't forget . . . this is called 'this is NOT toxin shock - the lady in red'So it's 'the lady in red' because I did not notice the wording on the page until AFTER I looked at the photos.  I got to be more observant!


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lee said...

another great video, i am enjoying them alot