Monday, January 7, 2013

the drawing of the little ballerina . . .

Well, I consider this 'video' as a little piece of art - something that I can also learn how to do better.  The subtitle for this drawing should be 'mixed media mayhem'.  I found it interesting that I did not get consistently good results from using 'cling wrap' for background texture (see previous post).  CLICK Here is a better way to do this that I believe will give you good results every time!  Right now I'm all 'all cling wrapped out'  but I will try again soon!

Also interesting - doing abstracts made me feel a little apprehensive about drawing.  I had to make myself  'get back to the drawing board'.  For me both areas (drawing and abstracts) are very fascinating and if you are going to do both - they both should be done on a regular basis (that's just my opinion).

Finally - congratulations to Lisa Graham for her son's wedding!!


Pattie Wall said...

Hi Myra - thanks for sharing your process - great mixed media pieces!

Lisa Graham said...

Love this piece Myra...the sweetness of her face the the colors you used.
And thank you! :)

Now I need to look into the plastic wrap thing.