Thursday, August 16, 2012

because of janettmarie it was a great day . . .

The artist JanettMarie came to town and yesterday she stopped by my home for a visit.  She bought me the long admired painting of the apple with the blue background that you see below (photos from The Design File).  The artist JanettMarie is also an 'expert colorist'.  I know that for a minute she thought that I was crazy as I was literally moved to tears by the beauty of the painting.  One thing that I have often lamented is that you can not see the true beauty of art on the web.  No matter how beautiful it looks on computer it's always more beautiful in person - thus the tears!
This is a close-up of Janettmarie's artwork as displayed in the photo below.

photo from 'The Design File'

Being the generous artist that she is - JanettMarie gave me a workshop showing me how she produces her rich textures and colors.  I now have a small notebook in my head of techniques that I must try!
I'm going to get you JanettMarie!
Lisa we mentioned you and Hilda and Bonnie and Mary and other artists that we admire.  Of course Leigh we said mostly good things about you (kidding - only good things) and Julie.  Julie I promised you a dog story.  Well  here IS Tiny.  He is a little smaller than that little JanettMarie.  Unfortunately he spent his part of the visit trying to bite JanettMarie's toes.  His real name is 'Tiny that horrible dog who needs the Dog Whisperer'.  Ah well - other than that it was a great day.  There was another treasure moment that I will tell you about later . . .


Lisa Graham said...

How wonderful! How simply wonderful! Makes me smile and smile!

Tell Tiny to act like a big boy. :)


fine art in artful jewelry said...

i'm so glad that you and janettMarie have finally met in person. and i love it that you have 'in the hot spot light', always one of my favorites! it IS more beautiful in person.... as i'm sure are you! and you're already pretty amazing online! said...

Love the story and have a hard time placing that adorable sweet face with a toe biter! Can it be true?
You had me laughing with the Whisperer.

Love the colors in the skin on this one.

hmuxo said...

OH MY GOSH, I want that "Tiny"..She's so darn cute!! And you're right, when you see a painting in person, its always more beautiful.. JanettMarie has some beautiful paintings that apple!! I love your painting, as well, always, I love your style!!