Tuesday, May 8, 2012

repost, julie, lisa, jm, bonnie and all and work that defines part 2 . . .

Here is a drawing that I re-posted after I went back and worked on the arms.  Did I want to remove the last drawing?  Yes I did!  Around 9:00 pm I had a strong urge to do so - but I did not!!!

Julie I loved your comment!  I feel the same way.  It also made me meditate about what I mean by 'defines me' so I looked the word up in the dictionary.  The closest definition was 'to make clear the outline or form of'  such as 'the roof was boldly defined against the sky.'  So, I think that I mean 'a work that makes it clear to me what kind of work I want to do'.

Does anyone have that experience?  What was that work!


Lisa Graham said...

I love Julie's comments. She is always insightful.

Your drawing is quite pretty. Is she someone in particular?

darkheart2011 said...
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JanettMarie said...

Oh, nice arms Myra.
Keep drawing... I need to draw too... practice, practice, practice!

Two more apples remain and the movie is live!

juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

Following up on your interesting and thought provoking question. I understand more clearly now and I would say that I have enjoyed several periods in my art life where I have had a Ahha moments of clarity and awareness. My first Chardin still life painting, when a young art student in England, reduced me to tears. I knew I wanted to paint with that emotional quality. 15 years later, standing in front of Picasso's, Woman in White, at the Metropolitan, NYC., and feeling I wanted that confident brushwork in my own work.
And now, Carolyn Plochman's work inspires me to start examining painting with interesting layers and emotional depth in my art.
Would you share your own experiences as I would love to find out.