Wednesday, March 14, 2012

last cup of coffee . . .

'last cup of coffee'
by janettmarie
When it comes to painting a series, the artist Janettmarie certainly shows that she is one of the best.  How many of us starting eating apples because of her 100 apple paintings?  How many of us would like to start drinking martinis after viewing her refreshing martini paintings?   She is currently on #75 of her 100 coffee paintings.

When I had my old coffee maker (may it rest in pieces) I had a formula for a perfect cup of coffee every time - right amount of coffee, cream and sugar all in one pot.  I now have a new model and have yet to brew the perfect cup of coffee.  I am getting close - and JM's paintings certainly keep me inspired.   ahhhh . . . they are so refreshing . . .

Here's hoping that everyone  has a great day!


Lisa Graham said...

I love Janette's paintings...her cups are all so charming!

And "may it rest in pieces" are soooo funny! : )

JanettMarie said...

Myra! How did you know that I'm thinking about a series of martinis!

You are a clever one!