Friday, September 21, 2012

city girl by myra anderson - I want coffee and a donut . . .

As alluded to by the title - this is part of my new series 'City Girl - I Want Coffee and a Donut'.   Believe it or not - the placement of the coffee cup in this first painting was inspired by this painting by Lisa Graham.  It's called 'the unexpected'.  This painting is filled with subtle nuance.  Is the woman coming through the door unexpected?  Is the viewer unexpected?  How many times did I view this painting before I saw the letter on the floor?  Ahhhh -
Anyways, mine ain't so deep. 

1 comment:

Lisa Graham said...

How did I miss this yesterday?

I love her coffee cup bun. Love it! Now I want coffee.

Today I 'tumbled" a Degas ballerina drawing on my Tumblr and thought of you.

Thanks for the mention!