Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a new and very complicated hat painting by myra anderson - artist and co-author of the book 'mama it's not just 100 little pieces of paper - I'm collaging' - a complicated bow . . .

I like this painting but I have to admit that this painting is a little more simple than I would like it to be.  I wanted to experiment a little bit with different textures - and as far as that is concerned - mission accomplished.  At first I sat feeling stunned as to where I should begin collaging.  I knew that I wanted the checker-board floor.  The painting started to come together when I finally designed that very complicated three piece bow.  (I think I just found something that would fit on the green side.  More later. . .)
 I thought that this was an interesting totally collaged piece by artist Gale Gerson.
I envy the artist JanettMarie who got a chance to go to Michaels before me - and pick up some wonderful collage paper.  She said that she was surprised by the large variety.  I can't wait to go!  I also can't wait to see where this beautiful start takes her (could she perhaps be one of the co-authors of my many publications?)

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Love the amazing bow and the quilt pillows on the chair.