Friday, July 27, 2012

mirror, mirror . . .

grand chapeau dame by myra anderson
 As I mentioned before I want to add other furniture pieces to my grand ladies - and thus we have 'mirror, mirror'.  

Also, I absolutely love my 'big hat ladies'.  Here is a sketch with 'baby'.  I drew this composition again on watercolor paper and I am looking forward to painting 'the whole thing' over the weekend.  

Marie Fox
And when it comes to the art of painting women, another artist that I love is Marie Fox.  She has painted many brilliant and gorgeous paintings of strong women with - dare I open my mouth to add a label - beautiful Matisse colors.  I chose these two because they contain what? Chairs!
Marie Fox


Lisa Graham said...

Pretty rainbow dress and that hat...that HUGE hat is so fun!

Marie Fox's art is really nice...I love the way she did the couch in the second painting.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful!!! How did I miss these!?
Gorgeous colors, Myra.