Thursday, July 26, 2012

la petite poitrine alcool . . .

So as you can see, I do indeed enjoy drawing 'my grand ladies' or 'my la belle grande dames'.  Please don't think that just because the name of this painting is 'the small liquor chest' that I have taken up a new hobby - if you know what I mean.  Anyway, I have come close to filling up the entire paper with watercolor!  My goal with this practice sketch was to draw a small cute face.  It took a little work - but I am pleased with the result!
Speaking of coffee I love the artwork of Richard Ewing.  I love the 'drawing of small cups of coffee' and he does it well!  He also has a wonderful series called 'coffee mugs'.
Finally. . . yesterday I told you that there was a gecko in the house.  I didn't see it last night so it inspired me to write this poem . . .

gecko - where has he gone?
gecko - is he in fact mocking me?
does he wait for nightfall -
and thus with the sound of loud snoring know -
that he now rules the house?
huh? gecko?


Lisa Graham said...

I didn't know it.
That you were a poet.

: )

You did good on the dainty face.

Richard Ewing said...

thanks for the mention here, and the compliments.

I feel very honored to have a space on your blog.