Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm thinking . . .

Well, this is certainly a very exciting time in my life.  Why?  I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO PAINT OR DRAW!!!  That's how I felt last week.  

This week I worked out some of the kinks in my brain and decided that I would focus on my 'women in the garden or on the beach drinking coffee' - in watercolor, acrylic, pencil and pastel - series.  

When I ran across the sofa painting that I was telling you about (painted several years ago) I was intrigued by the title I had given the painting.  It's called 'Sunday Hats'.   'Why did I call it that?'  I wondered.  'What was the motivation?'  I don't remember.  I have no clue.  Nevertheless I am thinking of exploring this concept of 'Sunday Hats' further.  I fascinate me sometimes. 

Today I thought about all of the people who were adversely affected by the unusual tornadoes including Indiana.  JM lives in Indianapolis and I hope that she is okay.

These days we never know when tragedy will strike.  The Bible does say that one day 'all pain and sorrow will be gone and these things will not even be called to mind'.  Ahhhh for the day!

Bonnie have a great day!


JanettMarie said...

Hi Myra!
All is good! Hmmm.... I'm thinking too.....

hmuxo said...

Your work with pencils is awesome Myra! Great job on this one. I also pray that everyone of our blogger friends are okay and not affected by these tornadoes..very scary!!!