Saturday, December 3, 2011

my first donut . . .

my first donut (wip)
8x8 acrylic on canvas panel
myra anderson
If you had told me this time last year that I would be attempting to paint pastries and writing silly poems I would have said 'get out of here!'   'really!'   'I mean it!'   'get out of here!'  And now a 'serious' poem . . .

Sometimes I'm just like apricots . . .
I'm always in a jam -
Sometimes they call me 'pork and beans'
'cause I'm a little ham -
I'm like the ten commandments . . .
I never tell a lie -
until the day you asked me
to taste your 'pickle' pie!
you said that it was berry
it was -
berry, berry bad!
you were going to feed it to others
which was berry berry sad!
When you came over to inspect
just how much I ate -
I 'tripped' and 'dropped' it on the floor -
and 'fell' on top of the plate -


JanettMarie said...

You're the best Myra!
I love the reflection of the donut in the coffee cup!
Nice, nice!

hmuxo said...

OMGosh, Myra! This poem is so funny. You are definitely a "poet". And of course, the painting is terrific ...makes me hungry!!

Lisa Graham said...

Myra! You are truly funny! And the most excellent painter. I laughed at your funny comment you made on my blog about struggling to paint a cupcake. Thanks for the laughter : )

Helen H Trachy said...

Good choice of colors and I had a great time reading and re-reading your poem! :)

Robin Rosenthal said...

Love your combining paintings and poetry. It has inspired me to look at poems about hats and think about how I would design a painting about them.