Monday, February 8, 2010

Rough Cut Of My Latest 'Video' - Van Gogh's Women of the Field

Disclaimer: Compared to my other videos I wanted to do something just a little - and I do mean a little controversial. While this video is 100 percent quirky and fun, it contains one small viewpoint (a happy one) at the end that is held - not by the multitude - but by the many. So please enjoy the music and the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh.

If you do not think the music fits with Van Gogh I was having a hard time finding music that sounds like a thunder storm. I'm still looking.


Tammy Hext said...

Hey Myra - I loved this video. Especially the way you sequenced the pictures so that the women looked like they were sweeping - just brilliant. It was also interesting to see his drawings of women in black and white and moody against his vibrant landscapes. Very interesting.

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Myra, I love your video, and in my opinion, the music is perfect. You are such a talented lady!!!!!

Cannot wait to see what little jewel you have for me tomorrow morning.

Signed, One of your newer, but, most passionate fans!

Bonnie Heather said...

Myra, what a wonderful video!! What a great message. I hope many many women get it.