Friday, August 14, 2009

Coffee Cat

'Hey . . . who drank my cappuccino!?'
At 'The Coffee Awards'
A Clip From The Movie
Photo-Art- Catography by Janoid
Screenplay by Coffee Lady

Congratulations to Daffodil
for winning best actress for the tense melodrama 'Shhhhhhhhhh!'
Do you have a coffee cat?
Have you written a screenplay?


Unknown said...

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes...

Jan (Daffodil's agent) said...

Daffodil is thrilled to accept your wonderful best actress award..... She is delightedly prancing through the house with her head and tail held high with furry pride! Thank you from both of us. :)

Dreama Tolle Perry said...

Seriously, You have to stop this craziness. I am trying to work here and then I see you have something new posted and I can't help myself (kind of like the coffee addict thing) Whatever you're doing, drinking or taking, I am reluctantly encouraging you to keep it up because now I need my fix for the day. Thanks a lot.
stressed out in KY but laughing like a heyena (sp??)