Friday, October 4, 2019

'gucci pooch!' or 'I promised you the moon but here's a pretty rock instead!' by myra anderson...

Clare Lloyd
This past week I was torn between the two titles you see above - so I decided to use them both!  The first one is the title of the painting and the other one describes the week lol! I was trying to determine if I am the kind of artist who can work on twenty paintings at a time or the artist who is 'steady as she goes' until you get that one painting done!  It seems as if I am somewhere in the middle!  
Myra Anderson 'One of my earlier efforts!'

Also I had the pleasure of exploring the blog of Clare Lloyd.  Journaling is an art form that I have dabbled in from time to time and Clare certainly made me want to explore journaling again!  The  top photo is just one example of the many cute and inspiring ideas on her blog.  Then I was wondering if you could paint beautiful skin tones with acrylic paint - as I had my doubts.  Afterwards I saw the beautiful work of  Abi Whitlock 'the master of aquatic acrylic paintings' and I discovered that you can do anything you set your mind to with acrylics!

The verdict:  If I try to work on 20 paintings at a time...the only thing I will have is a pile of unfinished paintings lol! Stay sweet and happy ppf!


martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

J'aime beaucoup le second titre attribué à ta peinture. Il a apporté un large sourire sur ma face !

J'apprécie beaucoup les peintures à l'acrylique de Abi Whitlock. Je ne connaissais pas cette artiste.
Je ne peins pas à l'acrylique, seulement à l'huile et parfois à l'aquarelle.
L'huile me permets de travailler à ma cadence. Je suis un peu lente !
Bravo pour le défi que tu t'imposes ! C'est un objectif qui apporte certainement du positif !

Gros bisous et bon week-end 🌸

Laurie said...

Beautiful work, colour so rich so vibrant! Thanks for showing us such beautiful work! Imagine working on twenty paintings at one time, wow! Not me!

Christine said...

lovely art, enjoyed Whitlock's pieces too.

Bestdayblogger said...

Really lovely post! I love the puppy and its so nice to see you exploring various things like journaling. The aquatic painting is truly incredible. Have a lovely Friday!

Nadya said...

Lol, so true (20??!!)! I generally have several on process - last weekend spent time in one I'm painting with an online group, and gave "touches" to others!
I love playing with skin tones I acrylics. Happy PPF

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful paintings and art inspirations! Love the poodle:) Happy PPF!