Thursday, February 11, 2016


Well, I have been practicing my sketches on every piece of paper! There is some excitement in the air! Project Runway All Stars starts tonight! A good a reason as any to have a fashion drawing party don't you think!
from Instagram!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

'love you copic markers' by myra anderson. . .

Yes, there are so many reasons to be inspired as an artist...and here we are at reason #4...Karen and her copic markers!!

When I first saw Karen's work I ran around and gathered every marker and highlighter I had in the house (see above).  I found that the fashion or sketch artist's favorite marker is the 'copic marker' (see Karen's below).  The copic marker is a lovely thing to's double sided and unlike a regular marker it has a brush tip side that produces a rather what I would call painterly quality (Sharpie also has a brush tip marker that I would like to try).  Copics are very expensive (but refillable) so you may want to venture anywhere you can get a discount and like me - buy one set at a time.  Oh how I wish I had all those lovey copic markers!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

'grizzled - duh! this is the way to the diner' by myra anderson painter of the fashion sketch?

Where ever we stand as artists, where would we be if we did not entertain the idea that at some point we will get better.  And so, we accelerate ourselves when we take the unfamiliar and 'go for it'. This is the metamorphism of the artist... the... okay! enough of the philosophical gobble de goop!

Reason #3 to stay inspired is the work of Trish Biddle.  If you google her you will see that she has quite a large body of  colorful, thoughtful, beautiful and varied work.
Trish Biddle
Trish Biddle


Saturday, January 9, 2016

'grizzled - crazy legs walking' by myra anderson painter of the fashion sketch...

Ahhh...there's a reason I haven't posted since the last post.  This past week I have been trying to restore order to my messy little studio space area thingy roo.  I have been eliminating junk and rearranging other junk so that I may perhaps be more productive in a more spacious space! Anyhoo...last week I could only do few sketches like this one just to keep the art chops going.  

Reason #2 of the one hundred reasons to stay inspired is the artwork of Lee Brydges.  Lee is inspiring because she has a fountain of ideas - and - her sketches are embedded with  interesting textures and details.  She also adds expressive text to her art that make you at times stop and say 'huh?' 'what!?'  I chose this little illustration because I love the colors and I thought that it was like 'a short poem that expresses much with very few words'.
Artwork by Lee Brydges


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

'grizzled' by myra anderson painter of the fashion sketch...

I bought these little markers for one reason and one reason only...they looked sooooo cute!  And as promised they were a lot of fun!  Also, there are at least 100 reasons I need to continue to practice the delightful art of fashion drawing, painting and sketching this year. One reason is the ever refreshing artwork of jeanette getrost...