Wednesday, May 7, 2014

'pink dancers' by myra anderson painter of the ballerina sketch 'and dancin' on my dancin' feet' . . .

Oh how I love your comments on the last post.  JFO you really made me smile all day long.  LG you brought up a good point.  I should not have used the word 'worry'  I should have said that I am 'concerned' about people because I think that a concerned person takes action as opposed to someone who 'just worries'.  So thank you for that.  

I hope you don't mind but to continue the discussion I believe that there are two things that a person should not do.  One is to let someone else count your money for you . . . and another is to let someone else - (I DON'T CARE WHO THEY ARE) read the Bible for you and tell you what it says (sticky subject but we can handle it).

Case in point the movie 'Noah'.  There  will never be a pulling out of the popcorn from under the sofa cushions to watch this movie.  The author of this movie said himself that it was not based on the Bible.  Pretty much the name 'Noah' and the fact that there was an 'ark' is all the movie has in common with the Bible.  

To me it's almost like stealing someone's artwork to take someone's account of events - and in your version make the good guy the bad guy - and make the bad guy the good guy.   Lest someone believe you - people need to read this account for themselves.  If you don't understand the original situation - ask questions.   For someone to just decide to change the account in order to make an action adventure movie I would ask 'who are you working for?'  Just sayin'. What say you?

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