Thursday, May 8, 2014

'ballerinas, hamburger and a coke' by myra anderson painter of the ballerina sketch . . .

Here is my latest work in progress - laying down colors - now let the refining work begin!!

KW your comment about 'Enders Game' made me chuckle.  Let me say one more thing about the movie.   Actually it wasn't a bad movie.  We enjoyed watching it!

If you have to watch a  PG movie because of 'little sensitive ears' and you have good food and are sitting on a comfortable rocking recliner - there was no better way to spend a rainy afternoon! 
It was also fun to yell at the screen because there was no one there to tell us to be quiet!  

As humans we are all so interesting because we all have our crazy opinions about movies.  For example:
GRAVITY SPOILER ALERT: After watching 'Gravity' I yelled that 'you should NEVER kill George Clooney in a movie - it should NEVER be done'.   After watching Blair Underwood  'I yelled that he's too handsome - he should NEVER play the mean old bad guy in a movie - it should NEVER be done!!!!'  What say you?


Katie Jeanne said...

:D It sounds like you might take movies a wittle too seriously, Myra. heehee

Beautiful painting!! I adore the landscape behind her, and how she's relaxing with her ballerina shoes off.

hmuxo said...

Clooney died in the movie??!! Not happy! Love the painting as always, Myra!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

you are a riot ;)