Monday, September 24, 2012

a new and extremely difficult sunflower painting by myra anderson - the flowers of van gogh . . .

Well, I have certainly been having fun painting my van gogh sunflowers.  When the book comes out it will include the quotes of many famous artists (see comments from the previous post).  As you know, each chapter contains a thought provoking question about Van Gogh where the artists of today compare their viewpoint with their knowledge of the famous painter.  

This chapter asks the question 'would you trust Van Gogh to prepare his famous skillet fried chicken?  well?  would you?'


martinealison said...

Je ne sais pas si votre jeune fille aura une aussi belle ligne après avoir déguster ce bon petit plat !!
Une très jolie oeuvre à admirer.
Gros bisous

Lisa Graham said...

She did it again.

I hear Vincent mistook an old shoe for a piece of chicken once. Then he cut off his ear. Or something like that. Poor Vincent. He did love his dear brother though.

Helen H Trachy said...

Real nice thought this sunflower deposited like a precious lace on the lady's soulders! The colors are gorgeous.
Van Gogh is definitely ready as he's the only one of his class who answered the question
"what came first the chicken or the egg"? Looks yummy. :)

myra anderson said...

you guys are cracking me up! said...

This reading like comedy hour!
Love the entertainment but I will brown nose and say I think the painting is fabulous. Truly creative in concept and marvelous in execution.